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Equities Down and Out, Currencies Up and In

By January 18, 2019Forex

Favorable Set Up Forming in GPB and Euro

As the equity markets tumbled in recent months, Silas Peters decided to step out in order to let the volatility settle down.


As any savvy trader knows, there is always opportunity somewhere!

For Peters that somewhere means currencies.

Believe or not, there are seasonal trends in currency markets and right now there is a favorable looking setup forming with TWO currencies – the British Pound (GPB) and the EURO.

As seasonal trends suggest, both currencies are due for a rebound in Q1 of 2019 after seeing predictable declines through the end of the year.

Of course, there are several geopolitical factors that could put a damper on traditional seasonality such as Brexit negotiations and several European countries experiencing volatility.

However, if you are someone who trusts the experts, this is an opportunity worth investigating.

Just watch the video above to get the full breakdown from Silas Peters.

Regardless of what could be happening in currencies, they are likely more predictable than equity markets at this point.

Happy trading!
Investing Shortcuts Team

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