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Read These 5 Posts to Manage Emotional Trading

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Our emotions get the best of us no matter how hard we try. Even if you’re a seasoned trader, I bet a few dollars that you’ve made decisions you later regret, only to realize it was over fear or some other sort of emotion.

Emotional trading will  never go away, but you can learn how to prevent it as much as possible by putting plans and other tactics in place.

Read on to find out five posts we have here at Investing Shortcuts to help you with emotional trading.


Learning to Lose Like a Pro

Let’s face the cold hard truth: you will lose when trading. The important thing to note is that you need to learn to lose like a pro so that you can focus on your wins. This post will give you a quick tip on how to set up your trades so you can lose minimally and figure out how to curb your emotions. You will face losing streaks but losing like a pro means you accept those losses with grace.


5 Essential Habits of Successful Investors

Part of learning to curb emotional trading is to implement habits that help you with the best chances of success. The longer you implement positive habits and eventually getting rid of the bad ones, the more money you should be able to make. Who better to learn from than some of the best out there? This post details 5 habits you need to implement today in order to handle the volatility that comes with trading.


Investing Mindset – Opportunistic Optimism

Investing Mindset: Opportunistic Optimism

No matter when you invest, there are always opportunities to make money in trading, even if the markets look bad. Even the best of the best sometimes hesitate to make moves because of the news they hear about the market or speculations about what might happen in the not so distant future. This blog post goes to prove that you need to invest today, even if the markets appear too volatile for your liking. There are some pretty compelling reasons, so make sure to read them.


Using the Pendulum of Emotions to Trade Objectively

Using the Pendulum of Emotions to Trade Objectively

You know what a pendulum is, right? This object is practically known for swinging back and forth, sometimes quite wildly. Read this blog post to learn why the pendulum is like how humans react to other people’s behavior, aka herding, and how you can use that to your advantage.


What Traders Can Learn About the Mental Game – An Interview With Jared Tendler

Ok, it isn’t technically a blog post, but this episode of Chat With Traders is worth a listen to. Jared Tendler is a mental coach for traders as well as high ranking professional athletes. As a former poker player, he’s learned a thing or two about removing and replacing irrelevant emotions to maximize chances of success. He talks about how to recognize your emotions and patterns that sabotage your success. You can listen on the go by downloading it on your phone or tablet. There so much pack in 60 minutes you’ll want to be taking notes.

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