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How To Outsmart Wall Street’s Top Options Traders

By October 1, 2010Investing Shortcuts

Scott Bauer, Fouder and CEO of Prosper’s Options Trading Accelerator


Warren Buffett. Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Peter Thiel. Four of the world’s top investors whom many can only dream of knowing their secret strategies.

1,088,029% = how much you would’ve made in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway if you bought back in 1964*.

Buffett was also one of the world’s top options traders.

But have you ever heard the story of the guy who used to successfully trade options AGAINST Buffett?

Meet Scott Bauer: the little known, ex-Goldman trader who’s strategies and trades quietly dominated  Wall Street for years.


Want to know the craziest part?

He has taught everyone from truck drivers to retired accountants the same little-known trading strategies that have helped many outperform the market through his exclusive Options Trading Accelerator, some of which have generated more than 400% in a single day*.


How To Steal The Strategies Of An Options Trading Legend


Ever heard of the “Raven Options Spread”?

I’d guess no.

That’s because it’s one of the secret, proprietary strategies developed by Scott and taught in hisOptions Trading Accelerator

The “Raven Spread”, along with many of the other strategies developed by Scott, are designed to generate 67% more than traditional options strategies.


Others, have generated more than 400% in a single day.

But what really makes the Options Trading Accelerator so special?

It’s totally focused on helping students build the future they desire, and helping them find and utilize the options strategies that best suits their goals, whether it’s growth or sustaining your nest egg.

And, each student is paired with a senior advisor 1-on-1 to help them get there


Scott and Cecilia at the CBOE

We decided to meet up with Cecilia, one of the students in Scott’s Options Trading Accelerator program.

According to Cecilia,

“I joined about a year and a half ago and I’m already up $116,000 in 2018 and love every minute of it. “

“It’s given me the freedom and flexibility to work from home”


Copying The Strategies Used By Wall Street’s Elite To Beat The Market


Have you ever wanted to learn the strategies and trades of top options traders?

Enter Prosper’s Options Trading Accelerator.The Options Trading Accelerator program is a live, strategy-based program where Scott teaches everyday investors the same proprietary options trading strategies he used for years on Wall Street, as well as every single one of his current trades.


The best part?

Traders can copy Scott’s exact trades, in real-time.

According to Scott,

“Every student is given access to our exclusive live trading room, where they can copy my picks and strategies in my live signal trading room

“For those who work during the day, I send out every one of my trades via email so they can still sneak the trades in during work”



If you follow Scott onto the trading floor of the CBOE, traders view him as a legend.

According to fellow options trader Mike Schorr,

“I’ve been trading options for over 15 years and have never met someone with the track record of wins like Scott

“Scott has an uncanny ability to structure trading strategies with an incredible risk-reward ratio. He only gets into most trades that have at least a 2:1 win ratio, with the potential to double your money with minimal risk


From what we’ve learned, this is the key to Scott’s success.

In his Options Trading Accelerator, Scott teaches students to utilize this exact type of methodology.

According to Scott,

“The problem with Wall Street is they always go for the maximum gain with options. That’s just plain stupid. The secret with options to structure trades where are odds are set in your favor.

“We work with a lot of people that are close to retirement, and the last thing they would want is a big loss that hurts their retirement savings”


Unlike other trading programs which are more focused on getting paying students rather than getting good results, Scott’s program requires each potential new student trader to go through an application process to allow Scott to determine if they are a good fit.

According to Scott,

“It’s extremely important to find the right person who would be a good fit for the program and our proprietary trading strategies. That’s why we have each potential new student go through our application process.”

“We encourage EVERYONE to apply though, and have trained some excellent traders who are in their 70s in retirement, to students fresh out of college. The diversity of our student traders allows us to develop even better results.”


Want to see if you’re a good for the program?

Click here and see if you qualify for the program.

For more information, you can contact the VP of Options here at [email protected]

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