Interview With Bert Mouler – Chat With Traders Episode 142 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview With Bert Mouler – Chat With Traders Episode 142

By September 15, 2017Investing Shortcuts

Welcome to episode 142 of Chat With Traders.

Here’s a fun fact for you listeners. Totally unintentional, but exactly one hundred episodes ago, I had the same guest, Bert Moler on episode 42 for the podcast. He joins us again this week.

Bert has a serious focus on machine learning as an algorithmic trader. He makes his trading decisions purely br data. In fact, he puts in a lot of effort to remove human bias and flaws through the use of automation.

In the next hour you’ll get to learn:

  • What other potential sources of edge are, beyond alpha
  • A sneak peek into Bert’s strategy on high frequency marketing making
  • How Bert is increasing his efforts to automate as many decisions as possible
  • Why he’s interested in areas and markets with less sophisticated traders

Bert’s ideas might seem a little abstract to you at first, and that’s totally understandable. However, I would really urge you to listen to this episode with an open mind. The cool thing about Bert is that he is willing to get creative and think a little differently.

After you listen to the episode, you’re welcome to post any questions in the comments area at Bert will do his best to answer as man as he can.

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • Bert’s increasing efforts to automate as many decisions as he can, including symbol section when it comes to strategy development
  • Places and where to seek out opportunities so it’s “easier” to make money.
  • Bert’s insight into why each marketing is like a game with it own players
  • Where traders are able to find other sources of edge beyond alpha, Bert’s thoughts on spurious correlations and how to get creative with time series data manipulation
  • How Bert structures his workday, including why he values unstructured time
  • The time when Bert realized irrational decisions happens quite often

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