Interview With Erik Townsend – Chat With Traders Episode 141 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview With Erik Townsend – Chat With Traders Episode 141

By September 8, 2017Investing Shortcuts

Hello! I wanted to thank everyone for coming out last week for our live podcast in Sydney. The sold out event was so much fun. We had about 160 people, many professional traders, past guests, brokers and a few higher ups from prop firms. Overall, just a great group of people.

I also want to thank Trading Technologies for sponsoring the event and WeWork for letting us use their space (and their beer).

Let’s get onto today’s episode. It’s been sponsor free until now. I want to talk about Edgewonk which is a product I’m an affiliate for because I believe it’s a great tool that will help you. It’s a trading journal that provides lots of analytics and metrics to help monitor and improve your performance. It can show you where you’re losing or making money. There are many great features, so definitely check out You can get a free trial and make sure to use the code TRADERS to save $20 on the license if you decide to continue using it.

Onto today’s guest, Erik Townsend. You may already know him, especially if you’re in the macro investing crowd. He’s actually the host of the Macro Voices podcast.

He’s got a very interesting story, and you’ll definitely get to hear all about it during this episode. Other things we chat about include how Erik uses the Fourth Turning as well as major cycles to guide his macro outlook. He also dives into a prediction for cryptocurrencies.

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • The strategy helped Erik to build a successful software company.
  • Why Erik feels living on an 87-foot yacht in the Caribbean isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • A word of caution from Erik word of caution about the dark side of private wealth management and why it fueled his passion for macro investing.
  • How Erik uses the concept of The Fourth Turning, the importance of 80-year cycles and how history can be used to predict social changes.
  • A possible scenario for the future of cryptocurrencies,why the USD may lose its reserve currency status, and what it really means to have a cashless society.


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