Interview with Max - Chat with Traders Episode 124 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview with Max – Chat with Traders Episode 124

In this interview, I speak with Max, also known as Madaz. He’s a retired structural engineer who turned to full-time day trading living in Los Angeles. When he started his engineering career, it was hard to find a job, so he was forced to take a minimum wage job. It was around this time that he started his Master’s Degree in Engineering and learning how to trade stocks.
Max learned the hard way, as you’ll find out in this episode about how me gained a bunch of money trading then ended up almost losing it all because of what he feels was reckless behavior. Now, he mainly trades using high percentage scalp setups for fast profits. He openly shares his strategies on his website and Youtube channel, showing various techniques such as panic pop short, washout long, and the halt and resume washout long.
Stay tuned for this interview as we both dive into how Max was able to go into full-time trading, what his mistakes were, and how he managed to find a trading method that works for him.

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • Max’s attempts on how he tried to make a quick buck before he started trading, how he stacked shelves with an engineering degree, and what actually inspired him to pursue trading
  • How Max was able to go into full-time trading after having a sizeable blanket
  • Why Max decided to gravitate toward a short-term scalping method
  • A quick look into the characteristics of a short-term scalping method
  • What Max does to optimize his decision making ability and trade execution times, including optimizing his mind
  • What Max believes is the advantage of tape reading

Links and Resources:

  • – Check out Max’s website to learn even more tips, like his computer setup
  • @Madaznfootballr – Follow Max on Twitter
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