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You Picked It: The Top Five Investing Shortcuts Posts

By December 27, 2017Investing Shortcuts
The Top Five Investing Shortcuts Posts

Can you believe 2017 is almost over? Have you started thinking about your goals for 2018 yet?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. There’s still time to do so. And judging by all the posts you’ve read on Investing Shortcuts this year, you’re all ambitious and hungry for more.

But you also need rest. So while we’re all off to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, here are the top five posts here at Investing Shortcuts:

How to Choose a Trade Alert Service

If you are like many investors and traders, the reason you’re looking for a trade alert service is because you don’t have enough time to do the research and analysis required to find the right trades. This post will go over how exactly you can choose a trade alert service that works for you.

How to Trade Bitcoin

This year was pretty crazy (to put it mildly) for cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin shot up in value, you responded, making this the post popular post this year. Before getting involved in Bitcoin, it is imperative to understand exactly what Bitcoin is. You need to know that they are units of digital currency, and the Bitcoin network is not an exchange-traded product like a stock or commodity.

Check out this post to learn what it is and how you can get started.

The Very Best YouTube Trading Channels

One of the best websites on the internet, hands down, is YouTube. It has quickly become the place someone goes to learn or watch just about anything. With over one year worth of videos uploaded every hour, the amount of content and information truly is unwatchable.

Check out this post to learn what some of the best Youtube Trading Channels are.

Produce a Consistent Cash Flow Using Options

The holy grail for many retail traders is to find a strategy that puts more money into their pockets each month after taxes. The search for this consistent cash flow can be a long and arduous path of evaluating buy-and-hold investment strategies, futures, options, and even Forex. You’ll have discovered lots of methods that don’t work.

This post will go over a strategy for cash flow for life, which is pretty neat.

Use a Moving Average Crossover Strategy to Your Advantage

Want to learn to quickly spot a trend? Look no further than the good old moving average.  The most basic type is one where an asset price moves from one side and closes on the other side of a moving average. Many traders use this is a basic exit or entry strategy.

Check out this post to see why a moving average crossover strategy is popular for a reason.

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