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Options Opportunities on the Table Right Now

By August 30, 2018Options
options opportunities on the table right now

Options Update – Video Transcript

Hey, traders, investors, stock market friends, family, fans from around the world. It’s your boy, Jerremy Alexander Newsome, the contributor and educator here at Investing Shortcuts.

It is time for your weekly options update. And every two weeks, I like to send out some information. The last time that we chatted was on UPS. And so far, so good.

Look at Mr. Squiggles, that red line, doing his job like he’s getting paid for it. Now that was pretty much our analysis the last time we looked it together back on the 9th of August. Come one a little bit of a pull back into those support areas and so far I’ll … Let’s hope the trending continues.

But right now in the money on those options and looking good. So this particular option set up is gonna come from IWM. This is the Russell 2000 ETF. And we had a killer breakout right here of this triangle pattern. So my goal is to but some options if and when this puppy pulls back to 265 with the stock at 165 on the options. This is a September week two. Didn’t feel today … The low of today was about $3.00.

Today is as I’m recording it right now is Thursday. So by the time you get a chance to check out this video? Feel free to look over and scan, and glance to see, did IWM pull back to this range. Because if you’re gonna do a longer term one? You’re more than welcome to maybe do a regular September or an October.

But I love the triangle breakout. I love the trend. The SPY made a new all time high just a few days ago. IWM made a new all time high today. The Qs made a new all time high recently. Now, the only thing that needs to follow is the DOW. But usually the IWM does like to lead the way so to speak. So yep. I like it. That’s the set up. I hopefully … Hopefully you can find this educational, enriching and beneficial.

If you have your questions, just reach out in time and enjoy this content. You rock. Bye.

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