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How to Navigate This Salesforce Option Play

By October 5, 2018Options
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Buy the Dip… the Trend is Strong


Hey Everyone at Investing Shortcuts,

It’s me, Jerremy Alexander Newsome.  I wanted to help you with a special setup and analysis.   Lets talk about it.

Heres Salesforce, and we were just looking at these numbers the other day.  I think we are going to go with an October Option.  So it will be pretty quick.

We are going to go with a limit buy at 3.85, with a stop at 1.85… and thats pretty much it.

Its a nice trend with a bullish gap, inside candle, hi wave candle, and the hourly chart has a really good looking trend.  I think Salesforce is a good buy, and I do love the company long term.  I love the fact that it has recurring revenue, and a lot of people are up to date on what this company does.

Buy the dip… the trend is strong!

Until next time…

Live life, love life, and trade it!

Until next time,

Jerremy Alexander Newsome


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