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Your Charts of the Week Update – FAANG Stocks!

By January 14, 2019Stocks

Recorded Wednesday, 1-09-2018

Last week saw some strong recoveries across the market after a treacherous end to the fourth quarter in 2018.  Stocks that were plunging 30%, 40%, 50% have now begun small rebounds, suggesting that maybe the worst is over.

Now there is really NO way to know where we are going from here…


We can say that this recent selloff has been terrorizing us since last October and it has to end at some point.

If you want a leg up on getting the timing right on this one, you’ll have to tune into what the best technical analysts in the industry are saying.

And look no further!

Hima Reddy is here with her new Chart of the Week update to keep us up ‘in-the-know’ on the crowd favorite FAANG stocks.

Now, not even these market behemoths survived Q4 unscathed…

In fact, far from it!

A lot of the biggest losers were in the Nasdaq technology sector.  BUT!  Where there are big losses there are big gains.  So don’t give up!

Like many wise men have said – Its not how many times a stock falls that determines its strength, its how many times it manages to rise back up!

So don’t delay any longer, just click play on the video above and lock in for a succinct FAANG stock update.

It’s worth a small amount of your time and dedication!


Happy Trading!
Investing Shortcuts Team

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