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The Big Crypto Question… What is Happening?!

By September 21, 2018Cryptocurrencies
big crypto question

Can Crypto Stop the Bleeding?

In this video update, Investing Shortcuts contributor Jerremy Newsome goes over the current state of the crypto market to give our readers a thorough update on the state of digital currencies.

A brief summary

Bitcoin is currently building pressure at the 100 day moving average with a continuous stream of lower highs.  While the market is mostly trading sideways, it does look like a big move is coming.  Watch the video to get Jerremy’s take on whether BTC breaks up or down…

Ethereum, and most of the other major crypto coins for that matter, are trading well below there 100 day moving averages.  Bottom line, a lot of these alt-coins are experiencing a bit of bleeding.  On the bright side, there are still some nice returns to be made for investors who can pinpoint pops in the charts.  Watch the video for examples…

While the overall crypto market is looking, frankly bleak, at the moment, the overall pattern of these coins does STILL resemble the tech bubble where tech stocks consolidated for some time after there initial boom.

As Jerremy points out, tech in crypto is continuing to evolve at a steady pace.  As its uses and applications grow, we can reasonably expect a strong rebound at some point, the question just remains when…

Thanks for checking in to this Investing Shortcut and be sure to watch the whole video for all the details!

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