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Is the Crypto Market Heating Up?

By September 5, 2018Cryptocurrencies
crypto market heating up

An Inside Look Into the Crypto Coin Market Right Now

Yes, the crypto coin market is still alive and well.  If you have stepped away for the summer, now is a great time to catch up!

Todays Investing Shortcut video will provide you with a complete update of the major crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, Dash, Stellar, and Ethereum.

To provide a quick summary:

Bitcoin has started to see a minor breakout past the 100 average, and it is looking likely to test new resistance lines.  There is still more to be seen in this type of limbo period, but we are following the average lines pretty well.  There will potentially be many more ebbs and flows before any major breakout, but signs are still looking good nonetheless.

In Litecoin news, a rebound has finally taken place as we are now coming out of that strong downturn that has taken the coin to long time lows over the last few months.  Things are looking better for Litecoin, but there is still more for the coin to prove before we get too excited.

In Ethereum news, this coin is still struggling to regain its footing amid a big downturn similar to Litecoin.  Its hard what to make of this one right now, but we will be keeping an eye on it for the time being.

Bottom line, this market is still alive and well and there is plenty of opportunity to be had.

Get the full breakdown in the video above.


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