The Top 3 Posts for Newbie Traders - Investing Shortcuts

The Top 3 Posts for Newbie Traders


There’s clearly no shortage of trading advice in out there. Just on Investing Shortcuts alone, there are hundreds.

While it’s great that there’s no shortage of free resources to learn about trading, where do you start? As a newbie trader, it’s most likely overwhelming, leaving you scratching your head, most likely in analysis paralysis.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Start with these three posts for newbie traders.

Where New Traders Should Start

Investing Shortcuts - Where New Traders Should Start

This is a video I created because I get asked a lot about where people should start when they’re new to trading. I go over why it’s important to figure out your why and how you can set goals you’ll actually achieve. I also go over the advantages of virtual trading and the types of research you should be doing as a newbie trader. Go check it out.


The Easiest Trade Setup in the World

The Easiest Trade Setup in the World

This quick video by Jerremy Newsome from that goes over a trade setup. This video came from requests of many readers who wanted to know easier methods to create a trade setup.

Watch the video to check out a quick three step process where it’ll help you determine what stock to start with, the timeframe of your trade, and figuring out the risks involved.


3 Reasons why Novice Traders Should Trade Forex

02.06 - 3 Reasons Forex

With so many trading options to choose from, it’s hard to figure out where to start. This post shows you all about Forex. More specifically, why it’s a great option for novice traders. Read this post to find out the three key reasons why you should start with trading Forex in the beginning of your trading career.


BONUS: How to Choose a Trade Alert Service

How to Choose a Trade Alert Service

It’s hard to choose just three, so here’s another one for your reading pleasure.

For those who are busy and don’t always have the time or the inclination to constantly check up on trade alerts, you may want to consider signing up for a service. This post goes over the types of trading alerts you can choose from, how to figure out which one is best suited for your needs, and questions you should ask before signing up for one.


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