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7 Pre-IPO Investment Opportunities

By May 24, 2018Investing

Pre-IPO investment opportunities is a great way to get in on those up and coming companies before the IPO is scheduled to hit the market. While pre-IPO opportunities are typically for hedge or large private equity funds who are willing to purchase a large stake in the company, there are many for folks just like you and me. How cool is that?

It’s hard to vet these companies for yourself, which is why there are companies that help. These crowdfunding companies allow you to invest  pre-IPO ventures.

Here are 7 that are great investment opportunities.

CNS Pharma

This company is developing a breakthrough drug called Berubicin, which helps to treat the most deadly form of brain cancer. Their Phase I clinical trial positive results in 44% of their patients. They plan on listing in NASDAQ sometime in 2018.



This beverage company is a healthy beverage which infuses Hydrogen in their product. They feature organic and sugar free ingredients. The company is also planning on lowering the cost of production by keeping it in the US, and they already have Olympic Gymnast Stephan McCain signed on as an ambassador. They’re hoping to distribute to the Latin American and the European markets by 2020.

Farm in a Box

This company’s product is to help people use their off-grid kit to deploy a 2 acre farm for local food production. It is solar powered and allows anyone to grow any type of crop, whether it’s for profits or their own consumption. It comes in a deliverable shipping container and includes things like irrigation systems and basic farm tools. You can follow the company here to find out when they need more funding.


This company is focusing on the motorcycle market and bringing the connected vehicle experience there. The intent is to help motorcyclists plan and enjoy their group trips, and have more than 22,000 users in 115 countries so far. They have a patent-pending technology and have seen an average of 17.5% growth month after month. Founded just last year in 2017, this company seems promising.

Processa Pharmaceuticals

This is a clinical drug company that aims to create products for unmet needs. Currently, they’re working towards drugs for Necrobiosis Lipoidica (NL) and treat radiation therapy’s adverse effects. Headed by five doctors, four of which were board members of other companies, they hope to push out their products within 2 to 4 years. Follow along to see their journey.

HC Government Realty Trust

This company invests in property that will end up being leased to the US government. Their goal is to secure long-term and reliable tenants so that investors can get more value. They aim to build a diverse portfolio of single tenant properties. Follow along to see how much they intend to raise and their plan moving forward.

Boon VR

This company aims to help prevent medical errors, which has affected over 232 million patients worldwide. Their product aims to use VR technology in order to provide realistic and on-demand training for medical procedures. The cloud platform is a learning management system that can add interactivity elements and training to physicians all over the world. Follow along to find out how much they still need to raise.


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