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5 Popular Stocks to Watch This Fall

By October 17, 2018Stocks
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These 5 Popular Stocks Are Setting Up Nicely


Hey Everyone,

Its Hima Reddy here and I have 5 popular stocks for you this fall.   These 5 tickers are from a panel I was part of last week where I was asked to analyze tickers that were submitted by traders like you.  These were provided directly from traders.

Among my analysis techniques, I include market timing.  That means pointing out specific times I expect the market to take key action.  These are based off my experience and analysis… they are not fact.

So along with my detailed analysis in the video above, be sure to make your own analysis and place your trade setups according to your risk parameters.

The 5 tickers that traders wanted to hear about most include:

  2. T (AT&T)
  3. AMD
  4. AAPL (Apple)
  5. NTES

For a full breakdown on each one, be sure to watch the video!

Check back in Friday for investing shortcut for all you traders out there looking to recoup some losses from the sudden downswing.

-Hima Reddy



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Hima Reddy, CMT teaches traders and investors how to use technical market analysis, specifically Gann analysis, to improve their trading performance. Hima began her career as an analyst. From 2014-2016, she was a member of the technical analysis team at Piper Jaffray. Prior to that, Hima covered fixed income and foreign markets at Informa Global Markets. In 2012, Hima published The Trading Methodologies of W.D. Gann: A Guide to Building Your Technical Analysis Toolbox. In response to her readers, Hima began to share examples of the concepts in her book through a free blog focusing on the E-mini S&P 500 Futures lead contract. She has now launched this research as a subscription product. And, Hima will be publishing a 2nd edition of her Gann book with Wiley in 2019. Hima has vast experience on the academic side of technical analysis, having guest lectured at universities across the country. She previously worked for Wiley and the New York Institute of Finance in CMT Program test prep. Hima has also been CMT exam grader and question writer within the Chartered Market Technician Association. For more information please visit www.himareddy.com.

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