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A Spooky October for the Stock Market

By October 10, 2018Stocks
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Sell Signals Are Telling the Story

The month of October has a tendency to be a little bit more volatile than other parts of the year.

Its not to say that the market has to crash… but there is earning season coming up, among other things that lead to a seasonal pattern.  At least in the first half or so of the month.

We use the Market Rover dashboard and we have begun to sniff this out over the past few weeks so I wanted to show you all a couple warning signals I am seeing.  Specifically, there are a lot of sell signals that have developed.

What you can see on the Market Rover is that more market sectors are slowly starting to show bearish signals.

Just a couple of names that flipped from buy/sell recently include Ralph Lauren, Starbucks, Ross Stores, and others.

Even in the energy space, we are starting to see some sell signals taking place.

If we take all of this together, without raising any major alarm bells, the month of October does see more volatility.

It could be a good time to consider protective measures in the broader markets.

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Serge Berger


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Serge Berger

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