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Options Madman Anand “Lucci” Sanghvi

In this 168th episode of the legendary Chat With Traders podcast, Aaron Fifield sits down with none other than options madman and trader of 10+ years, Anand “Lucci” Sanghvi.

Believe it or not… Lucci was one of the first guests to appear on the Chat With Traders podcast way back in 2015.

A lot has happened since then so what better time than now to sit down and thoroughly catch up.

As always, Lucci is as entertaining of a guest as he is a killer at trading options.  So get ready to sit back & listen.

Topics of discussion in this episode range from…

  1. Life in Puerto Rico
  2. Dealing with taxes as a trader
  3. A failed hedge fund
  4. What’s been working for Lucci in equity options

PLUS…  how he’s continued to evolve in recent years, plus many thoughts on trader psychology.

Enjoy the show!

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Aaron Fifield

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Aaron Fifield is a developing trader, and host of the Chat With Traders podcast. Each week he interviews successful traders and financial thought-leaders to extract their best insights, which is listened to by thousands. On the trading front, Aaron is learning how to code and is pursuing algorithmic trading systems.

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