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Strategies Die and Skills Survive with Jack Ma

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Interviewing One of the Greats…

Jack Ma is one of the greatest proprietary futures traders in Sydney.  He is also the head trader of Minter Capital which he just established in 2018.

He spends most of his time mentoring developing traders and backing them up with their trades.

Jack trades in the Australian 90-Day Bank Bills market and he uses an inventory style to make the bulk of his money.  He is continuously working around yield strip movements and reacting to anomalies in the market.  He also maintains a strong focus on minimal exposure to outright risk.

Ma in no stranger to trading Australian 3-year and 10-year Government Bonds, but this is really exclusive to rolls (contract expiry).

In this interview we talk about Jack’s progression over the past 5-years.  This includes both breakthroughs and lessons learned, plus… his thoughts on trading as a skill vs a strategy, how to gain an edge, and using mindset to your advantage.

If you prefer to watch the interview via video, we have embed the live chat below!


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