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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know StockTwits Could Do

By September 22, 2015New Technology, Trading

StockTwits puts the trading-room floor in the palm of your hand. With real-time pricing and analysis, and a worldwide network of traders sharing tips, tricks, and insights, there’s no better place to track investments and market trends. Here are five features that make StockTwits an invaluable resource for traders:

1. Market Trends

StockTwits provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly trends of all stocks. In fact, a trader can track a stock’s performance back to 2006 on StockTwits. And because StockTwits is also interested in the market as a whole, it provides aggregate totals of user messages regarding each stock. A good rule of thumb is to look at the trends in context. If you see that user comments regarding Apple stock spiked in 2008 and that the stock price dropped, search for information about Apple in 2008 to find out why.

2. Good Cop, Bad Cop

StockTwit users weigh in on the market all day, every day. With user profiles, anyone can see who’s weighing in, what they’re saying, how their track record looks, and how many people are following their advice. That kind of transparency makes it easier to know who to listen to, who to wonder about, and who to avoid like the plague. A good rule of thumb is to follow the traders who let you in on their trading strategy and who are honest about its performance.

3. Watchlist

Set up a StockTwits watchlist so that you’ll never lose track of an important investment. While it’s fun to track the trending stocks, it’s more important to stay grounded in an investing strategy. The StockTwits watchlist allows you to add and sort funds for easy access, enabling you to track your current investments as well as the ones that you and your financial advisor have your eye on. And because the watchlist appears just below the trending stocks, you’ll still be able to follow the overall market trends.

4. Heat Map

Stat geeks and chart enthusiasts will love the StockTwits Heat Map. The Heat Map organizes the trending industries and the trending stocks within each industry, which enables each user to see a bird’s eye view of the market in real-time. Set the Heat Map to show you the last hour and follow a run on one stock, set the Heat Map to show you the last six, twelve or twenty-four hours, and follow the day’s big winners and losers. Big data becomes easily manageable and practically useful with StockTwits Heat Map.

5. Stock Volume

Industries are mapped on one-, seven-,  thirty- and ninety-day graphs to let users know which sectors are rising, which are falling, and which companies are winning and losing within them. The ten best- and worst-performing stocks are displayed in each of the ten best- and worst-performing industries, and with links to each stock, you’ll be able to track more specific trends to get an idea why, for instance, home furnishings is +466.15% since last week and why recreational vehicles are -62.73% since last month.

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