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Can You Learn to Trade on YouTube?

By September 19, 2018Trading
Investing Shortcuts - Can You Learn to Trade on YouTube?

YouTube enthusiasts and newcomers alike need to watch this 13-minute video covering how to learn to trade on YouTube, what exactly you can learn, as well as what kinds of questions you should ask, and how to get the most feedback from each video’s creator.

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Hey, traders, stock market fans, investors around the world. How’s it going? This is me, Jerremy Alexander Newsome in the flesh here in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. That’s it behind me. I just wanted to say thanks so much for watching this video. It’s entitled “Can You Learn to Trade on YouTube?”

It’s really kind of a follow-up from a previous article that I’ll show you in just a few seconds on the computer entitled “My Favorite YouTube Channels.” Really it’s just gonna be kind of a topic and an overview of what you can learn from YouTube, what kind of questions you should ask, and how to get the most feedback. I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to leave me any comments that you have on this page below, and I’d be happy to reply to them. Of course, you can always email me if you have any questions. My email address is and thanks so much for watching this Investing Shortcut. Have an absolutely splendid rest of your day, night, weekend, year, month, wherever you are in the world. I’ll see you later. Until next time, love life, live life and trade. Let’s go ahead and hop into some charts.

Alright, Investing Shortcut fans. We’ve made it back to the charts, so let’s go ahead and just hop over to YouTube really quick and just kind of talk about it. This is the previous video that I was referring, article that I was referring to. “The Very Best YouTube Trading Channels.” Of course, you’re welcome to use this in your journey to kind of learn and figure out what channels you can kind of start with. But realistically, it depends on what you’re starting path is in your trading.

Going over to YouTube, one of the interesting things about this site is that it really is a wealth of information for literally everything. Everything you could possibly want to learn, witness, look at or seek, you’re going to be able to access from YouTube. So YouTube will recognize your search history. Google is very smart with their algorithms Overall they’re going to know and be able to see what it is that you look at the most or listen to the most. If it’s music, or if it’s videos or whatever it is. That’s kind of what it’s here for.

At this particular point in time, let’s just go ahead and type in a search phrase. In your trading, again, it kind of depends on where you are and what you’re looking for. But in trading let’s say you want to learn how to trade options. So you could type in “how do I trade stock options.” You click on that. What’s gonna come up is you’re gonna have a few choices. Usually, the first two videos are gonna be the ones that are most viewed and or paid for them to come up first.

So usually this one right here, it appears that this one is probably a paid-for version. The way we know that is because this one has less views than this one. It doesn’t mean anything bad, it just simply means that you could simply just be getting a lot of sales pitches from the very very first link. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad one but just kind of look at the views. If it has a good amount of views and it’s ranking on the top five or six or so, then it’s probably a good one to watch.

Usually what I do is I right-click the top, the first five and look at there, I’m actually number four on YouTube when you type in “how do I trade stock options.” Just right-click them. We’ll click this one as well. You right-click, and you say “open a new tab.” You’re gonna have five or so tabs open.

Now one thing you’ll need to know, at least this is my personal opinion, is you can come over here to this cog wheel, and when you click this cog wheel there’s gonna be two things you can do. Quality you could oftentimes change the quality of the videos if the presenter recorded them in hi-def. Why not get hi-def? So you can zoom in obviously selecting the full-screen.

Another very useful feature and I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, but a lot of people, analysts, traders, educators, teachers, they talk very slow, monotoned, and boring, so to speed up your learning process you can actually click on the Normal speed, and you can increase it. For most speakers, they sound normal at 1.5 or 2. If you’re watching any of my videos, you can also do the exact same thing with me.

I usually go pretty quick at Normal speed anyway, but you can always increase it to 1.25 or 1.5 for me anyway if you want to. But actually, that didn’t increase it right there. I was talking faster Just messing with you. .25 or .5 if I’m talking very fast you can slow me down. That’s actually a very helpful tool because it can kind of help you crank out videos quicker. Just press play, start watching them and just kind of see what it is that you want to check out.

Another tool that I use, if I’m going into a video and I’m looking for something specific. Let’s say I’m looking for them to start explaining the chart, for example. I’ll watch the first two minutes, and they’re sitting there, and if it’s a talking head, I’ll kind of use this scrolling feature to actually see, oh okay boom. There’s an actual chart, right? You’ll notice right here it’s just a bunch of option data and right here is the chart, so I’ll click on that and I’ll click play. I’ll start listening from here. I’ll actually see the chart, what the heck he’s talking about and if I’m confused, then I’ll go back and forth and so on and so forth.

Now from here, you’ll notice that you’re gonna get some suggested things over here on the right. These are usually some kind of match or an association with this particular video. Then you can kind of hop over here, and I’ll look into this or read the articles. I like reading the comments as well. It’s also a very helpful tool and a way to figure out what other people are learning. If you have a bunch just asking really random question like that’s strange, but I do suggest getting a Gmail account. If you have a question, feel free to post that question. That person may or may not get back to you. But hey, it’s always worth a shot, right?

If you have a specific question, what’s very helpful is if you put in a timeframe, if you’re like “hey at 4:54 I had a question about xyz.” That’s kind of the format that a lot of YouTubers use is if you post the exact time. When they post the video, this video might be three or four or older. This actually was posted in 2014. So yeah, three years old. So this gentleman won’t know what the heck he was talking about in minute ten, so he’s gonna go and look at that video. So if you just ask him “hey what chart were you looking at?” He’s not gonna remember. So that’s what I’m saying, this timestamp is a pretty useful little tool if you have a specific question on the video that you want them to answer. Again, you may or may not get a reply.

If you have a specific strategy that you want to learn, that’s also good to type in. For example, “what is a credit spread” Or if you want to type in “how do I trade bull put spreads.” So, again, that’s a type of credit spread. I’m gonna come up on most with these searches just because I have pretty high-ranking videos. Number one, because I do not pay for them to be high-ranking on Google, so it’s all organically high click rate. I’m not just saying that to toot my own horn or anything. There just good videos.

But regardless, here’s another one, so I’m always number two or three. I’m very rarely number one because I don’t pay for my videos to be number one. You’ll see that this guy has 12,000 views and I have more views than he does. His videos posted five years ago, and mine was only a year ago, and I’m ranked number two. So that tells me that probably, again this is not a fact, but probably he’s paying a very very small amount to YouTube just to get his videos ranked a little bit higher. That doesn’t mean anything. That’s just smart SEO; that’s not a negative by anyway. I just want to make sure you guys are aware of that.

You’re typing in these questions, and the bottom line is ladies and gentlemen if you have a specific question, you can type that exact question into YouTube. Like “how do I exit a bull put spread” If you’re in a credit spread, you want to know how to exit, and you type that in. Press Enter and these videos will come up. So, how do I exit a credit spread? I’ve never actually watched this video. I can say that this is Sarah Potter. I’m very familiar with Sarah Potter. I’ve interviewed her, actually, in the past. She’s a great trader. If you click on this video. You get a chance to watch this video. She has hi-def which is great. She has a lot of views. You can always subscribe to her channel.

I always suggest if learning or wanting to really learn how to trade from YouTube, click this “Show More Notes” just in case. It doesn’t mean that they’re gonna have a lot of information down there, but sometimes you never know. Sometimes it’s important to click on it, but also, just watch the video. Give it some time. A lot of people want to learn something in three to four minutes. It’s really very difficult to learn how to trade the stock market right, effectively, profitably, in three minutes.

So give the person some of your time if they’re exciting or intriguing or engaging, or they’re not giving you some crazy sales pitch or something. Feel free to listen to them. Make sure they have some good info. Then if that question, or that video, didn’t answer your question specifically, don’t write them off. Email the person.

Once you email them, you can figure out hey is this person credible? How quickly did they get back to me? Is it them or is it their assistant? Did they actually answer my question? Are they nice to me? That way you can start building a relationship with other traders. You can have other traders that you can ask your questions to.

When I was learning, what I had was like four or five mentors, and if I had a question, I’d ask that question to either all of the mentors or just one individual to see what they said, get the answer, then ask that question to another mentor. Get the answer, ask another question to the other mentor, get the answer and if all five mentors are saying the same thing, I’m like “yep, okay, this is the answer,” so I get it. That’s always a helpful thing.

Sometimes, again, they will respond slower than others. It just depends on the person, depends on the company. That’s just the way of life, right? Email somebody will get back to you quicker than others. That’s why I try to make it my specialty to get back in an email as quickly as possible.

But, to answer your question, yes you can learn trading from YouTube. It’s just all about what you type in and really giving people your attention. Give them your time and then reaching out. Emailing them is going to be the most effective way rather than posting in a comment, that I can tell you for sure. Email them, or find them on Twitter, or maybe try to find their Facebook page and, if you have a question, just ask, ask, ask, ask.

Ask every question you can possibly think of. Don’t be afraid to ask. That’s how I personally learned in school, and some people feel like they’re dumb, or they’re stupid if they ask questions, or they should already know the answer, so they don’t ask. The quality of your life, ladies and gentlemen, is based on the quality of questions that you ask, alright? So if you ask a question like “how can I make more money at work?” Well if your boss gives you an additional dollar every paycheck well technically he’s answered your question. You now have more money at work, right? But if you ask a question, “how can I become more valuable at work?” That’s an entirely different question with an entirely different answer and likely an entirely different outcome.

The very very first question you ever asked in your search, for whatever it is you’re searching for, is likely not the best question. Try digging a little deeper. Try finding out what exactly the question is. For example, if you wanted to type in “how do I make money in the stock market” you’re going to get scammy, spammy, everywhere. You’re not gonna get anything valuable. But if you type in “how do I make money with moving averages” Let’s type that in. Actually, let’s type in “what’s a great moving average strategy.” There we go. That’s a great one to type in. That’s wild! That’s crazy! I’m actually number two on that one, as well.

Man, it looks like I’m taking over YouTube. I promise this is not about me. It just happens to be the case. Don’t even click on this video, right? Watch this guy’s video and then watch this person’s video and then watch this person’s video and then watch this person’s video. Don’t even watch mine if you don’t want to.

The bottom line is the more really narrowed-in question you ask often times, the better. So just keep that in mind, alright? The quality of your life will be dictated by the quality of the questions that you ask.

Thanks so much for watching this video. You guys absolutely rock. As I mentioned earlier, if you have any questions you can email me at I’ll get back to you pretty quickly. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful time. I hope your trading is incredible and until next time—love life, live life and trade it, bye.

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