Interview with Hugo Bowne-Anderson - Chat With Traders Episode 166 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview with Hugo Bowne-Anderson – Chat With Traders Episode 166

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A Traders Guide for Learning to Code

In this Chat With Traders episode, I sit down with Hugo Bowne-Anderson who is host of the DataFramed podcast and an accomplished data scientist at DataCamp (a platform for learning to code).

I really wanted to chat with Hugo about learning a programming language because some traders get such an advantage out of it.  For example, coding allows you to collect stats on market behavior, perform robust research, organize massive amounts of data, among many other things.

More and more professional traders and firms are actually now requiring applicants to have basic programming skills!  The same goes for many industries, which may not come as a surprise when you consider a recent IBM study which revealed that ‘90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone.’

Today, Hugo and I discuss when to consider learning to code and how to determine what is most relevant.   We go over the time it takes to become fluent in a programming language, working with new datasets, and how to specifically using predictive models.

Last but not least,  I try to ask Hugo how he’d go about creating a basic strategy…  (listen for the full story!).

Aaron Fifield

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Aaron Fifield

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