Interview with John “Rambo” Moulton – Chat With Traders Episode 163 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview with John “Rambo” Moulton – Chat With Traders Episode 163

We recorded this special episode of Chat With Traders on June 2018. It was in front of a live audience right here in Sydney. This is a conversation that I had with John Moulton. He’s best known as Rambo.

If you don’t know who he is, John is a serious trader. And for good reason too – he’s thought of as a pretty legendary trader here in Australia.

Long story short, John left the Chicago trading pits in the 80s and headed for the Sydney Futures Exchange. Following those years after he left, he became an extremely large spread trader of government bonds and bank bills. In fact, he was responsible for a large share of each day’s trading volume.

Forty years later since he placed his very first trade, John is still very much an active market participant. He trades from a sunny coastal area in Queensland, Australia.

You’ll want to press play and listen in on our lively conversation. John reflects on the aspects that matter to him the most when looking to achieve success and longevity as a trader.

It is with great honor that I present to you this conversation with John Moulton, aka Rambo.

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