Interview With Kimberly Trautmann - Chat With Traders Episode 160 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview With Kimberly Trautmann – Chat With Traders Episode 160

Ironically for this week’s episode of Chat With Traders, I’m actually not taking with a trader. Instead, I’m featuring the head of DRW Venture Capital, Kimberly Trautmann.

DRW Venture Capital started as a Chicago trading firm which was founded 25 years ago by Don Wilson. Since that time, the company has grown to be one of the largest firms in the world. There are now offices in 6 major cities all around the world with more than 800 employees working for the firm.

Let’s not forget that DRW has become more than just a trading firm. The company’s operations have also gone into large scale property development, cryptocurrency market making and obviously venture capital.

Kim and I discuss in-depth about why companies seek out venture capital and how to value and assess investment opportunities She also chats about her thoughts on risk versus reward. We also dive into why DRW has a lot of interest in companies that are innovating with ICOs and blockchain technology.

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • How has DRW Venture Capital become more than just a trading firm, focusing on other markets
  • Why companies may want to look into places that are innovating with ICO and blockchain technology and what they should look for when working with a venture capital company
  • How Kimberly’s company looks at investment opportunities, including how to assess and value them
  • What exactly is risk versus reward, and how that’s crucial to anyone’s success
  • Kimberly’s experience with the firm and what it’s been like to see it grow

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