Interview with Mike Agne - Chat With Traders Episode 161 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview with Mike Agne – Chat With Traders Episode 161

Welcome to another episode of Chat With Traders.

In this episode, I had a chance to chat with Mike Agne (@EconEmotions) again. I’m sure some of you already know mike. I happened to interview him last year in person in New York for a live event. He also happened to be on the podcast again in August 2017.

His trading experience really runs deep in fixed income and bonds. He also does options and index futures. For a really long time he worked at the renowned TransMarket Group as a prop trader. Mike also writes a great weekly newsletter about the global markets.

During this episode, we chat about the recent pick up in volatility, relative value trading and regime changes. We also chat about his outlook on the economy, technical analysis, making money in bear markets, risk parameters and developments in the world of crypto assets.

So get ready for another jam packed episode on Chat With Traders. And make sure to check out the other interview I did with Mike after you listen to this one (it’s listened in the links and resources section below).

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