Interview with Nick Fabrio - Chat with Traders Episode 164

Interview with Nick Fabrio – Chat with Traders Episode 164

Interview With Nick Fabrio

Nick Fabrio Explains How to Scalp ASX Stocks for Solid Returns

On this episode of Chat with Traders, Aaron Fifield sits down with Nick Fabrio.  Nick is an active day trader of ASX listed stocks with a short bias.  At the age of 28 years old, he managed to use a small starting investment of $20,000 to generate over one million dollars in trading profits in his first 3 years.

Nick currently lives in Texas but I was able to catch up with him in on his last trip back to Sydney.  The conversation took many turns, starting with Nick’s history of dealing chips at The Star casino and selling cars.   We then discussed his path towards becoming a trader before moving more into market depth and detailed trade tips & tricks.

Listen to the whole interview above.


Chat with Traders - 164 | Aaron Fifield and Nick Fabrio Record the Show

Aaron Fifield and Nick Fabrio Recording the Show

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