Matthew Owens Interview - Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 007 - Investing Shortcuts

Matthew Owens Interview – Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 007

Matthew Owens has well over $400,000+ in the green (in 2014 at the time of this interview), and that was his first year of trading. The more incredible thing is that he’s only 24 years old.


Matthew was interested the stock market in high school during a class competition, where he racked up on shares of AAPL. The stock market was always on the back of his mind for the next 10 years. , but nothing more. That was, until he was jaded with his day job one day figured he would explore his options and look at the stock market again.


Matthew found Timothy Sykes (EP 003) and Superman (Paul Scolardi) and has been moving upwards every since.

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • What Matthew as been able to learn from 6 months of paper trading, and how he was able to not make so many newbie mistakes.
  • Why Matthew was confident when he began to trade real capital with a $100,000 account.
  • Matthew and his approach to trading, including how he reacts to certain news releases and collecting a daily watchlist.
  • Why Matthew prefers to trade futures on commodities and indices, which is actually his weapon of choice.
  • How Matthew, going against his trading plan and being stubborn, lost $12,000.
  • How traders should avoid following blindly, and can get the best benefits from trade alerts and other subscription services.

Links and Resources:

  • Yahoo Finance – Matthew relies heavily on this website for fundamental research and news updates.
  • The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes by Mark Douglas – Matthew things this book every trader should read, available on Amazon.
  • – Visit his website to learn more about Matthew.
  • @triforcetrader -Follow Matthew on Twitter.
  • Subscribe here to learn more about the patterns and rules Matthew follows on Gurus



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