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Did you Miss These Chat With Traders Episodes?

Yes, there are literally hundreds of Chat With Traders episodes out there it’s easy to miss them. Not to worry I’ve compiled some oldies buy goodies for you, so you can catch up and have more tips in your trading arsenal.


Ernie Chan Interview – Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 052

Dr. Ernie Chan is a trader from Toronto, Canada. This week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr Ernest Chan, from Toronto (Canada). He’s well known to quantitative traders.

He’s had an unusual introduction to trading.He got his start when he was in a research team at IBM using machine learning and AI techniques to teach computers to understand human language before deciding to join a prop trading group. Listen to this informative episode.

Kirk Du Plessis Interview – Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 002

Kirk Du Plesiss from OptionAlpha is a retail trader, and describes his first week trading as something like a ‘wild cowboy’. Obviously, it’s not the case anymore and is hugely successful as an options trader.

Throughout the interview he talks about his trading in a lot of detail, plus a whole lot more. Not to give anything away, just understand that this episode is jam packed and Kirk share plenty of great advice on how traders can gain an edge with your trading.


Hans Dederle – Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 046

Hans Dederle is the founder and president of Honza Financial, a Florida options trading asset management firm.

Hans was originally an accountant, before  starting out as a stockbroker. He started out by trading independently and now also trades for others money.

He’s been in the business for just over 8 years now. One of the reasons he’s been so successful is that Hans has a laser focus on quality over quantity. As a day trader He averages between 1-3 trades per day as a day trader. From that he’s usually in and out of each session within the first couple hours.

In other words, don’t miss out this episode.

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