Nick Radge - Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 004 - Investing Shortcuts

Nick Radge – Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 004

Nick Radge was immediately hooked on the idea that someone could profit from identifying trends after he placed his first trade in 1985. Nick shares during this interview some of the important lessons that have kept him in the trading for almost 30 years. Nick brings to light so many areas of trading that people don’t usually talk about.

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • Why traders should think like hitchhikers if they are a trend follower.
  • Common misconceptions about being a professional trader, including why traders don’t necessarily need to make money every day, every week, every month in order to be profitable.
  • Understanding quantitative versus qualitative and how it mighr keep traders off the beginners’ cycle.
  • When and how traders can know if their trading system is broken.
  • Where new traders usually find themselves in trouble. These might not be answers you expect, since they are pretty common problems.
  • And a whole lot more…

Links and Resources:

  • Trading For A Living by Dr Alexander Elde -Nick suggests this book for every new trader, available on Amazon.
  • Nick’s book, Unholy Grails – A New Road To Wealt is also available on Amazon.
  • -Visit Nick’s website to learn more about him.
  • @thechartist – Follow Nick on Twitter
  • Follow Nick on Facebook.


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