Tim Grittani Interview - Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 010 - Investing Shortcuts

Tim Grittani Interview – Chat With Traders Podcast Episode 010

Tim Grittani is a very talented intraday trader. He was able to turn a $3,000 account into nearly $3,000,000 within a few years.


He ventured into penny stocks in 2012 and was able to master a few setups that have paid him many times over after figuring out how these markets operate, and understanding the manipulation. He mainly short sells NASDAQ stocks after hitting a few limitations.


During this interview Tim discusses what 5 key factors that have been a major contribution of is success so far, and he goes over them step by step.
Listeners will also get to hear about what led up to his massive single trade loss of $290,000 a few years ago. You’ll definitely appreciate just want can really happen when you go against your trading rules.


What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • Tim’s thoughts on risk management.
  • What some of the things that Tim would have changed or done different if he were to start all over again.
  • How Tim can keep a handle on his emotions while trading throughout the day using this one small change.
  • How Tim was able to focus on what he was good at by documenting trades and setups as well as being able to plan more effectively.
  • What initially attracted Tim to OTC markets and why he decided to move over to NASDAQ listed stocks.
  • What adjustments Tim had to make to be able to adapt and succeed in another market.
  • After a $290,000 loss in October 2014, Tim dives into what major lesson he learned.
  • How Tim doesn’t use a preconceived number and instead works his stops into the action and the chart.

Links and Resources:

  • Read the full write up here about the $290,000 loss Tim took on $LAKE.
  • Trade The Ticker – Tim’s blog, where he posts regularly.
  • Stockstotrade.com -Tim uses this site on a daily basis to scan for stocks and create a watchlist for the following day.
  • @KroyRunner89 – Follow Tim on Twitter.


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