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4 Podcast Episodes Featuring Female Traders

Female Trader podcasts

While the trading scene has a lot of men, but there are also a lot of great women you can definitely learn from. So ladies (even gentlemen as well, you’re definitely welcome), make sure you listen to these episodes to get some inspiration of some female powerhouses in the trading scene.


Interview With Sheelah Kolhatkar

Sheelah Kolhatkar is writer for The New Yorker. She also happened to have written a New York Times bestseller book called Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty money and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street.

Sheelah gives some insight into where Steven started out and how he ended up being an ultra-wealthy multi-billionaire, with, might I add an elaborate art collection. It’s a great interview on one of the most controversial stories in the trading world, so check it out.

Interview With Kimberly Trautmann

Kimberly Trautmann is the head of DRW Venture Capital, which started as a Chicago trading firm. Since that time, the company has grown to be one of the largest worldwide.

Kim and I discuss in-depth about why companies seek out venture capital and how to value and assess investment opportunities. It’s a great conversation on how one company is innovating with diving into the block chain investment realm.

Nicola Duke Interview

Nicola Duke is a very experienced professional swing trader from the UK. She’s very open to sharing her approaches, including what her typical trading day looks like, and the systemic approach she takes to trading. She had to learn a lot of this herself, even when she had a mentor. Listen to the episode and she’s always willing to answer questions on StockTwits or Twitter.

Brynne Kelly Interview

Brynne Kelly is an electricity, natural gas, and crude oil trader who has devoted a significant portion of her career to merchant trading desks, for the likes of BP amongst others. We chat about her job as head of trading desks as well as a general look at how Brynne trades relationships using fundamentals and macro trends. You may not learn tips directly for your own trading strategies but it’s an interesting insight nonetheless into the merchant side of things.


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