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4 Podcast Episodes to Step Up Your Trading Mindset

Hey everyone!

In case you haven’t listened to the 160 (!!!) episodes I’ve put on my podcast Chat With Traders, I’m giving you a chance to catch up this week. It’s hard to dig through so many great episodes to figure out what’s best for your needs, given your current situation. However, all traders need one thing: a solid trading mindset.

So if you’re looking for tips to do so, then I recommend checking out these 4 podcast episodes to step up your trading mindset.

Interview with Andy Kershner – Chat with Traders Episode 128

Andy Kershner  founded the company Kershner Trading Group, a proprietary trading and technology firm based in Austin, Texas. We chatted about his ability to take pain on adverse position and if this has been a key component to his trading success. We also discuss in depth about whether or not traders make more money if they have higher risk tolerance. Check out this episode to learn what it really takes to take more risks.

Blair Hull Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 085

Blair Hull is named one of the most successful traders in the last 40 years by Forbes. He started out as a Blackjack trader in the 70s and went on to find Hull Trading in 1985, a top marketing firm. In 1999, Goldman Sachs acquired it for $531 million dollars.

Now the founder of Hull Investments, you’ll learn Blair’s experiences as a trader and the kinds of progress that happen when you work with a team.

@Modern_Rock Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 100

It’s our 100th episode, a milestone! Getting @Modern_Rock was an accomplishment because I wanted to have him on even before the first episode was released. Bao (aka @Modern_Rock) is an independent day trader, and a former Silicon Valley software engineer. We chat about adversity and complacency and how to find your niche. We also chat about how to master your confidence, improving your craft and so much more.

Edward Thorp Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 109

Edward Thorp is fairly well known in the gambling scene as well as in the financial markets. When he was a professor at MIT in the late 50s, he wanted to find a method to get an edge on baccarat, blackjack and even roulette. He’s now thought of as the father of card counting.

In this interview, we talk about his gambling background and what he does today. There are are so many great insights that I wished I had more time with him. Definitely check out this episode.


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